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We do not only talk about power,

we produce it.

project planning and implementation

project planning and development

The manufacturing of customer-specific product solutions is our strength. Ideally, we are already involved in the product development. In this way, we can combine the experience from your company with the experience and know-how from our company in advance and develop the best solutions.

Close cooperations with the University of Stuttgart and the Faculty of Mechatronics and Electronics at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences support us in developing solutions according to the specific customer requirements.

implementation and construction

We build the equipment you need for a successful installation of your plant. Precisely designed for your requirements and the performance you need. We also assist you if you require specific certificates or certifications. Let us fix the requirements in time and have them in view for the project release.

We develop and produce exclusively in Germany and thus provide all products with the quality sign 'MADE IN GERMANY'.

Guaranteed delivered in time

We know that just-in-time deliveries are an important competitive advantage these days and have therefore established our own TJ logistics. Constant readiness for delivery and short reaction times are thus guaranteed.

Thanks to stockpiling of materials, we support you in case of machine standstill and short-term demand with our express production and express delivery, also for custom-made articles.

audits and certification

certified quality according to DIN ISO 9001

The quality of our products is our best reference and we attach particular importance to it.  This is why we have the quality of our manufacturing, operating and management processes regularly reviewed and certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

UL certification? Not all ULs are the same

Your product is intended for the US (UL) and the Canadien (CSA) markets? We explain the different approvals for transformers and chokes:

UL insulation system

An electrical insulation system forms the basis for full approval. In an UL insulating system, the behaviour of insulting materials under the influence of temperature is subjected to a long-term test, since insulating materials age under increasing temperature and thus their properties (dielectric strength, flexural strength, etc.) may deteriorate. The test result is then the classification of an insulation system according to a certain temperature class.


Our insulation system is Class 155(F), which means that an average winding temperature of 122°C is permissible in nominal operation. At the hottest point of the winding, the maximum long-term temperature during rated operation shall be 145°C, short-term up to 180°C.  All winding goods can be equipped with an UL insulation system.


File-No.: E251544
Name: 99023535

full authorization: UL Recognized Component

Products that carry UL approval as "Recognized Component" are provided as a component of a system. If you require the "UL Listing" for your system, the use of "Recognized Components" simplifies this process.
Our "Recognized Components", i.e. transformers and chokes, were tested for their electrical values, heating and the insulating materials used in accordance with the insulation system as part of the certification. This allows you to use them in plants for the American market without further testing.


We offer product certifications according to UL/CSA in the area of three-phase chokes (UL506), single-phase transformers and three-phase transformers (UL5085). Please feel free to contact us.


File No.: E24508

Successful customer audits

We have already successfully completed customer audits according to the automotive standard VDA 6.3 (version 2016) (process audit for series products) and SPE-1000 (small series inspection for the Canadian market). We are also happy to advise you here.

The all-round carefree care

All you want and need

We advise and support you throughout the chain.

From conception to delivery of audited and certified products.

We support you in the operation of your plants.

And if there is something, our service team will be happy to support you.

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